Getting to Know Amy Keller Laird, Women’s Health Editor-in-Chief

Amy Keller Laird is the Editor-in-Chief of Women’s Health, one of the fastest growing women’s magazines in the world. She is responsible for overseeing the editorial direction across all brand platforms, including the magazine’s print, digital, tablet, and mobile presence, as well as books and international editions.

Wellness guru herself, Amy has found herself very excited about her work and passionate about the overall development of the magazine’s brand and personal mission.

As she described a bit about herself and what led her to Women’s Health in an interview with Alicia Cesaro, Keller Laird says,

“[My wellness goals are] pretty simple: I try to make as many healthy choices a day as I can, but I’m never rigid about it. I like to indulge! And I let myself. It’s a balance. I used to think it was an all-or-nothing proposition, that if you were quote-unquote ‘healthy,’ you could never indulge or just sit on your couch when you felt like it. To me, that’s the ultimate way to make people NOT want to try and get healthy. Now I know that small changes and little upgrades can make a big difference.”

Like Amy, I too have found that personal health and wellness is an extremely important part of one’s life. As I learned more about Keller Laird’s story and career for one of my J202 assignments, I noticed myself relating to many of the personal anecdotes Keller Laird shared regarding her struggles with body image and other issues as a young girl. I find it very admirable that she has gone on to dedicate her life work to a cause and company that strives to prevent these kinds of health-related issues our modern women and girls are constantly faced with.

Like it is stated in their Mission Statement, “Women’s Health is the must-have action plan for today’s modern woman. From beauty to style to fitness, Women’s Health gives consumers the tools they need to make instant, positive changes in their lives. Women’s Health propels consumers into action.”

After reading more about Amy and the magazine’s mission, I became increasingly inspired by her professional work, journalistic ambitions and strong leadership qualities. I too hope to prepare myself for a future career like hers, that will allow me to constantly express myself creatively, communicate openly and share my inquisitive spirit. Considering my own academic pursuits in the field of Journalism and Women’s Studies, and my interests in writing, photojournalism and women’s health, I believe a position with a print publication dedicated to helping women cultivate their strengths and build confidence, would be extremely fulfilling and rewarding at the end of the day.


To learn more about Amy and her work at Women’s Health visit

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