The Ultimate Guide to Brunching in the Twin Cities




Sun·day Fun·day:

Noun. the only ‘holiday’, more or less,  that comes more than once a year. In fact, it’s the only common festive event that occurs 52 times in a 12-month period.

Yes, we all use St. Patrick’s Day as a reason to let loose. And of course we look forward to popping that bottle of Prosecco when that clock strikes midnight on New Years Eve.. but what if we could also enjoy our favorite times and closest friends by using Sunday Funday as our excuse to celebrate? Well my friends, you are in luck, because it’s already happening across the good old US of A. Calling all Sunday sleeper-inners, it’s time you start extending your weekend festivities a little bit longer before hanging up your party pants. And, to make your life a little easier, I have compiled a foolproof list of the best Sunday brunch spots in the area, guaranteed to make your Sunday Funday a surefire success.


TINY DINER (Powderhorn Park Neighborhood, Minneapolis)

Located in the heart of the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood (Minneapolis), the Tiny Diner and Farm is a small place with big ideas. The quaint venue prides itself on creating menus with as many local foods as possible, including items they grow in their very own vegetable garden! Each month they pay tribute to diner towns across the USA by looking for new ways to use their fresh Midwestern bounty, while also utilizing earth-friendly farming methods and efficient water use strategies. From the inside out, this Diner exemplifies a new age example of whole system design: low impact, educational, and tangibly tasty. Read on for a preview of their unbeatable brunch line-up.

Sweet Treats

  • Buttermilk pancakes (choice of banana, blueberries, walnuts, granola or choc. Chips)
  • Buttermilk Biscuits & Lingonberry Jam

Savory Eats

  • Greek Scramble (organic eggs, feta, tomato, spinach, peppers, kalamata olives)
  • Smoked Salmon Benedict (poached eggs, hollandaise, rampscfab191ac0d78d0da1862a51a62a6cfa)
  • Forager Omelet (organic eggs, mushrooms, asparagus, parmesan)

Daybreak Nectars

  • Lemon lavender mimosa
  • Peach Bellini

…Wait, did someone say mimosas?

No. They said, we see your mimosa, and we raise you: a lavender mimosa.



COALITION (50th and France Edina, Excelsior)

With two locations in the metro area, Coalition is the brainchild of Chef Eli Wollenzien. Through his restaurant, he hopes to reflect his passion for cooking by boasting a diverse and inspired menu. Wollenzien and his business partner, Deacon Eells, have a long and storied history growing up together in small town River Falls, Wisconsin. Now, after learning and immersing themselves in a variety of Twin Cities restaurants, they have decided to return to a similarly close-knit community to embark on their first solo venture. Coalition’s menu gives a new twist to the classic American dishes we all know and love. The eatery features new rustic floors, tall booths, oversized chandeliers, and industrial lighting which all helps to create an inviting space where you can enjoy Chef Eli’s culinary creations, a few of which you can read more about below.

Sweet Treatsb146b84eeb361803ab4391635f5c1088

  • Vanilla French toast with rum angalise and maple syrup
  • Cardamom sugar doughnuts

Savory Eats

  • Prosciutto and arugula egg sandwich
  • Root vegetable hash

Coalition is about the combined efforts of chefs, cooks, servers, farmers, vineyards, and brewers and I see that partnership extending to our guests by providing the highest quality food and service in a warm and welcoming environment.

– Eli Wollenzien, Executive Chef/Owner


HAUTE DISH (North Loop)

Housed in a charming, turn of the century building located in the North Loop of Minneapolis, Haute Dish is a moderately priced, full service restaurant that presents simple dishes with elegance and style in an upscale setting. The American Restaurant has set out to embrace and reinvent classic Midwestern cuisine, and as an added bonus, they have several vegetarian options and many of their brunch entrees can be made gluten free! Need I say more?

Sweet Treats

  • Caramel Roll (pecan and mCaramel-Pecan-Sticky-Buns-2ascarpone)

Savory Eats

  • Ropa Vieja (beef brisket, sweet potato hash, poached eggs, avocado, pico)
  • Reuben Benedict (corned beef, charred cabbage, pumpernickel muffin, 1000 island hollandaise

Daybreak Nectars

  • Classic Cocktails
    • Frozen Screwdriver
    • Bloodies (Classic, Bourbon, Screwy Rabbit)
    • Mimosas (orange, pomegranate, grapefruit, pineapple)
  • Specialty Cocktails
    • Peach Fuzz
    • Gin Fizz
    • Bloodhound



Heirloom Kitchen and Bar can be found in the Merriam Park Neighborhood on the west side of St. Paul. The Restaurant’s interior is cozy, yet classy with its wooden table, low-lit lighting and beautiful bar. From farm, forest, pasture and stream, they strive to create meals that nourish the body as well as the heart by providing a sense of place and season. They capitalize on creating wholesome meals from seasonal produce that is sourced locally. If you asked the Heirloom crew what kind of food they serve, the answer would be “modern farmhouse cuisine”. So, what exactly is modern farmhouse cuisine, you ask? Well, let me tell you.

3c4e9ecdedc3ea5c0b7892f91fe9c33dSweet Treats

  • Chocolate Babka French Toast (with bacon, maple syrup, and whipped butter)
  • Buttermilk biscuits with jam






Savory Eats

  • Seed and Grain Porridge (poached egg, sprouts, squash kimchi
  • Vegetable Hash (sunny side up eggs, grilled red onion, herbs, stewed peppers, chilis and tomatoes)

Daybreak Nectars

  • Mimosa
  • Michelada (Blonde ale, Clamato, horseradish)
  • Cold press Cocktail (Flat Earth Cygnus X-1 Porter and Bootstrap Cold Press)



SPOON AND STABLE (Downtown Minneapolis)

Situated in the North Loop Neighborhood, Spoon and Stable is housed in what was once a horse stable, dating back to 1906.  It was the dream of head chef and owner Gavin Kaysen, a James Beard award-winning chef, to bring his talents back to his hometown. Similar to Heirloom, Spoon and Stable uses on the seasonality of the Midwest and the roots of our local culture to inspire their menu, while simultaneously drawing inspiration from the French cuisine Chef Kaysen is best known for.

Sweet Treats

  • Buttermilk Waffle (rhubarb, vanilla cream)
  • Chestnut Tortered-wine-poached-eggs-e1502417747300.jpg

Savory Eats

  • Red Wine Poached Eggs (Wild mushrooms, seeded toast, red wine sauce)
  • Croque Madame (house-made ham, gruyère cheese, sunny-side up egg, brioche bun)

Daybreak Nectars

  • Salty Dog (ketel one, grapefruit cordial, lemon, salt)
  • Irish Coffee (Jameson, vanilla cream, dorothy’s blend)
  • Classic bloody
So hopefully this list tides you over for a few weeks.. and in the meantime, happy brunching!







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