A Prayer for the Achey-Hearted

So I have decided that there is a BIG ginormous difference between ‘heart ache’ and ‘heartbreak’. While I won’t deny that they both suck. A lot. I also believe that there has to be some magic ‘cures’ for both. Alas I will set out to explain a few of them to you now, perhaps as a way to convince myself that they are worthwhile feats, too. Now I am no gypsy, I have not all the answers, but humor me here and try to think about what I am about to say, which are probably the last things you want to hear or think about when you are in the middle of some heart ache/break. It’s always easier to wallow, to become hard, stubborn, resentful. But instead, I pray you find your grace before you find your fury. I hope you ‘dance’, and I pray that you find some peace in the following things, should you ever encounter either of these two temporary evils.

  1. Know friendship: may you have friends to lean on when the going gets rough
  2. Keep your family close: to remind you how you got to where you are, and to squeeze when you are looking for ease.
  3. Learn forgiveness, keep an olive branch in your back pocket just in case. As human creatures we are stubborn by nature, but I have found that where the forgiveness is, the bitterness is not-you must trust the process.
  4. Rest with acceptance. Trust in He who strengthens you. When you trust you believe, and when you believe you learn. Allow God to fill you from head to toe, let Jesus take the wheel for a little while.
  5. Send a smile to a stranger out of the kindness that lies within your heart. You may be surprised to find that passing on authentic expression to another in need may come back around to serve your heart and soul. In choosing joy, you are choosing love.
  6. Reach for support. I pray that the people to whom you lend your light and love meet that gift with a promise. A loyalty so strong that they’d drop anything just to prop you up for awhile until you can stand tall enough to fly on your own again.
  7. Concern is just love in disguise, tell yourself that it is a good thing, even if it makes you feel crummy, or stuck.
  8. Look around for distractions when the heart pains are strong. When you pay it forward with action, you progress…even if it is only one step at a time.
  9. Believe in a power [[or magic]] higher than your most admired super hero times one-billion and two. It’s out there, He is up there, they are with you. I promise.
  10. Do what you can to cultivate an inner appreciation for the people, creatures, places, faces and things that surround you in the present moment, in fact stop for a second wherever you are, whatever you’re doing; stop, notice.  You must believe that each and every one of the beings you are surrounded by have been intricately placed there for some reason. I firmly believe that everyone has something to bring to the table, but not all of them have been given the same opportunities or been blessed with the same gifts as you. There will be disagreements. But do not dismiss any one of them, without listening to what it is they have to say, and why they feel it must be said.
  11. Search for something that creates laughter within you that is so strong it makes the butterflies in your belly rock and rumble. A laughter that ignites your inner fire; That feeds your mind, body and soul.
  12.  Second chances are important as long as you don’t have to compromise your joy in order to give them.
  13. Hope and faith are like cousins but they too, have their limits. The meaning of hope lies in the dream [or knowing] that something greater awaits you. Something greater could be just around the bend. >>allow yourself to bend easily but stay true 5 year old you. I like to call this flexibility with a acrobatic backbone.
  14. Don’t let your voice get lost in the crossfire. YOU are un-repeatably you and there is a magic about you that is all your own.
  15. Hold strong to your human truths; all that lies deep inside your heart and paints your spirit gold.
  16. Cooperation may not always be easy but the pay off is worh it.
  17. Go out with the understanding that you will find someone that echos your crazy, calms your storms and remains rooted in good nature values. I pray that this one that you find, be someone to laugh with, cry with, pray with and slay with-you only need two people to make a team. {However sometimes it is true that the more, the merrier}

…until the next wave of inspiration rolls in

All my love,



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