Career Aspirations

As the Fitness Editor for Shape Magazine, Jaclyn Emerick is constantly striving to pinpoint the best fitness trends and workouts, smartest experts and trainers, and also cover the fitness market and select the newest, most innovative go-to workout gear.

Her goal, she says, is to provide her readers with the most creative, fun, and effective ways to get fit and healthy fast.

Emerick’s peppy, motivational and encouraging writing style shines through in all of the pieces she has contributed for Shape Magazine since starting there almost two years ago. Not only do her articles provide exercise advice that is rooted in scientific research but an underlying theme that I found evident in each and every one of her pieces that I read is her steadfast dedication to promoting body positivity and instilling self-confidence in her readers.

I find this element of Emerick’s creative style extremely important and, quite frankly, inspirational. Since coming to college, I too have found a mission in working for causes related to bettering all facets of women’s health, especially in the areas of mind and body wellness.

Fueled by my own personal experience with years of nutritional deficiencies and improper self-care, I am constantly looking for ways to reach and relate to other women who deal with some of the same issues I did, not too long ago.

In addition to graduating with a degree from FSU in Creative Writing and Mass Media Studies and later getting her Masters Degree in Print Journalism, Emerick has also pursued several post-college certifications including becoming a certified Personal Trainer, Spinning Instructor, and Sports and Exercise Nutrition Coach.  Similarly, I intend on becoming a certified yoga instructor after I finish school.

I have always enjoyed practicing yoga and learning about wellness initiatives and the overwhelming benefits that alternative medicine can bring people. I am confident that teaching yoga someday will strengthen my abilities as a communicator, healer and women’s health activist, and allow me to reach others in a way that is meaningful to my lifework and closely aligned with my passions.

Each day I am looking for opportunities to use my story in a way that helps others discover their incredible strength, worth and immeasurable potential. I think that the cultivation of self-healing is essentially what lies at the heart of my overall mission. By taking a creative approach and using some of the same techniques that influential women like Brené Brown, Jaclyn Emerick, Sheryl Sandberg and many others already have–I will help individuals find inner peace and comfort in their own skin, work to empower women, and change the world one story at a time.

“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we’ll ever do.”–Brené Brown


JaclynFor more articles by Jaclyn Emerick, Fitness Director for Shape Magazine, visit

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