A Little Bit Dusty and a Whole Lot Relevant

So I have come to terms with the fact that I have been stuck in a bit of a funk, recently. A mood funk. Motivation funk.  An overwhelmed at what comes next in this life of mine type of funk. And with this realization I have decided that it is time to make a few changes, to stop dancing with the familiar dissatisfaction, doubts, demons, and to make my way out of these waters that seem clouded with apathy and stagnancy. It’s time for a change.

As I started reflecting more on what I could do to bring myself out to a better, more hopeful and inspiring place, I rediscovered a personal list of resolutions that I wrote for myself last year, at the start of 2016. It offered me the little spark I needed in order to stand up and cheer myself on a little bit. I think it’s important to set goals and resolutions, not just at the new year but at any point in time. And more importantly perhaps to revisit them once in awhile, as a little reminder that you can be your best self as long as you are dedicated and able to hold yourself accountable.

While the end of January is nearing, and I didn’t necessarily start the year off on my best foot, I’ve decided to edit this list in the hopes that I can accomplish a few more things for the rest of my year as a twenty-two year old, and to maybe even inspire a few other searching souls to do the same.

We are in this together, we can lean on each other when the growing pains feel unusually strong, and we can help pick each other up when we stumble, I believe that.

Thus here you have it, a rebirth of my new-old resolutions.

2016 (/17) Goals and Resolutions

  1. Be vulnerable. Ask for help when you are hurting.
  2. Take more photographs, start a real-life photo album
  3. Build or repurpose a piece of furniture
  4. Start journaling, reflect each week, or each evening. I don’t care what you write about just write, write the good, the bad, the ugly–It is important that your children and your children’s children to have something true to remember you by.
  5. Be less judgey, towards yourself and others.
  6. Get to know someone new, like really know them.
  7. Own the choices you make, make peace with the ones you wish you hadn’t. Lock guilt, shame and regret in a box and throw away the key.
  8. Eat more vegetables, less processed food/meat & consume fewer chemicals
  9. Work on your fear foods and being more adventurous at restaurants
  10. Read at least three books for pleasure by the end of the Summer
  11. Call your mom more often, and all of your other people, too, for that matter.
  12. Make more of an effort to measure out snack portions with a bowl or plate instead of grabbing handfuls, or over doing it.
  13. Dedicate one hour every week to self care & self reflection
  14. Save more money and only allow up to one special treat per week (i.e. Starbucks, Chipotle, etc.)
  15. Visit the botanical gardens when the spring flowers are in full bloom
  16. Try going to a game, meet or event one night instead of going to the bar
  17. Travel somewhere or explore a new place you’ve never been before
  18. Workout or engage in at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day.
  19. Get asked on a date, a real-life, grown up one.
  20. Actually go on said date, and don’t let scaredy cat you talk you out of it.
  21. Make more of an effort to actively engage in meaningful conversations/ put forth your honest opinion
  22. Vow to always acknowledge people you know or have met before in passing, instead of pretending you may not have seen them (even in the most uncomfortable of situations)
  23. Develop a stronger awareness of your temper, crazy defense mechanisms and stubborn ways and make a conscious effort to keep them in check
  24. Spend more time informing yourself on politics, pop culture and national/local news
  25. Reach out to a classmate to see if they’d like to meet outside of class for a study session or social engagement
  26. Make more of an effort to live for life’s memorable moments, not for social media posts or the validation of others
  27. Work on becoming a better story-teller
  28. Start a lifestyle blog and keep up with it by posting regularly
    1. Take pride in this blog and be bold enough to share it with others
  29. Determine your strengths and cultivate them
  30. Determine your weaknesses and acknowledge them without compromising your self worth
  31. Stand up for yourself in a tough situation, find the assertive beast deep inside your soul and make friends with her
  32. Pursue a new volunteer opportunity
  33. Reach out to Tia, Molly, Olivia etc. to see if they would be up for a lunch date
  34. Run to picnic point without walking
  35. Study at a new library on or off campus
  36. Write someone a letter and mail it
  37. Do an art project or go to the museum to look at other people’s art
  38. Keep a period calendar
  39. Visit a professor’s office hours
  40. Make a conscious effort to complement personal characteristics instead of peoples’ appearance
  41. Always tell the truth, especially when it is most difficult and apologize when you are in the wrong
  42. Rediscover your relationship with God and spend more time nurturing your faith
  43. Find someone to take you sailing
  44. Run a half
  45. No symptoms
  46. Take your vitamins
  47. Cook dinner for your roommates
  48. Take yourself to a movie
  49. Ride a go-Kart–it’s been way, way too long
  50. More forgiveness. Let bygones, be bygones. Be conscious and okay with where your mind wanders to, but also train it to think more thoughts that guide you forward.

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